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Virtual Breathwork Mastery (Zoom)

Embark on a one-hour journey of self-discovery and transformation through the art of breathwork.

  • 1 h
  • 30 US dollars
  • Virtual Online via Zoom (Link will be emailed)

Service Description

In this dynamic and immersive 60-minute session, you will experience a carefully curated sequence of breathwork techniques that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, centered, and deeply connected to your breath and body. Class Structure and Breathing Techniques Explored Below: You will be guided through a rich tapestry of pranayama techniques to enhance your vital life force and elevate your mind, body, and spirit. 1. Opening Meditation We'll commence with a grounding meditation to prepare your mind and body for the pranayama journey ahead. Set your intention and tune into your inner world. 2. Ujjayi Pranayama Begin with the foundational Ujjayi breath, known as the "Victorious Breath." Explore the calming and centering effects of this deep, oceanic breath. 3. Nadi Shodhana Dive into the tranquil river of Nadi Shodhana, the alternate nostril breath. Balance your energy channels, clear your mind, and enhance focus and clarity. 4. Kapalabhati Stimulate your vital life force with Kapalabhati, the breath of fire. This dynam This practice is best done lying down, but you can also sit in a chair. There is a ten-person maximum. All sales are final but transferrable. What To Bring: At a minimum, you need to bring something to lay or sit on. Suggestions include a yoga mat, blanket, pillow for your head, pillow for under knees, chair, eye mask, your favorite stuffie, water, light snack. What To Wear: Light, comfortable loose clothing or workout / yoga gear. Benefits: Expect to enter a meditative state where you have the ability to release energetic blockages and dysfunctional patterns. This holistic modality raises your energetic frequency for optimum health, balance, inner harmony, and overall well-being. If you have been feeling bogged down by life and require rest and relaxation, this class is for you. While this can not be used to treat and diagnose illnesses and health problems, some people have reported significant improvements and relief in the below categories. Depression Anxiety disorders PTSD Dementia Autism spectrum disorders People with learning difficulties Those with behavioral and psychiatric disorders Sleep disorders Aches and pains Some cancers Reduced stress Fewer mood swings Lower blood pressure Lower cholesterol levels Better pain management Reduced risk of strokes and coronary artery disease

Contact Details


Back Right Business Park Suite 508 3115 Spring Glen Road suite 508, Jacksonville, FL, USA

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